Video y foto de boda en Tarragona

Are you looking for
a personal video for your mediterranean wedding?

Making emotional personal mediterranean wedding videos and photos it is a part of our DNA. We cannot do it in any other way.
We try to tell your story in an honest way from the perspective of emotions. Our main goal is transform feelings in images, so you can revive your big day anytime you want.
Every wedding video is a new world, because behind every couple there is a unique love story, and it is our obsession is to tell it from the most honest and emotional way.

Images that will be reflections of your love. We mostly work in Tarragona and Barcelona, but we are available worldwide. Would you like to meet us and tell us what you have in mind for your D-day? Go ahead, we are eager for new stories!


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  • We contacted with the Olalife team when we still did not have any idea of ​​making a video for our wedding. Without a doubt, the best decision was to hire them. They are a young and dynamic team and it's very comfortable to work with them. We had the disadvantage of the place. A village lost in the mountains of the Pyrenees, but they did not mind moving to the place and grasping the essence that represents for that that place. The result was a great trailer and a sensational video. I would repeat the experience with them without hesitation, they are great!. Thanks Olalife team!

  • Our wedding was on 9/17/16. We didn't have a videographer at the time we contracted the photographer, and the same photographer recommended it to us. It was yesterday when they gave us the finished video, and just beginning it cost me to hold back the tears. Thanks to Dani, our videographer, the attention received and the work done.

  • Excellent professionals. They got an attractive video of our wedding. They were very efficient at work, nearby and creative. It should be noted that they were with us from the moment of dressing up to the end of the dance and we weren't overwhelmed with their presence, on the contrary, it was total comfort. In less than two months we had the complete trailer and the video! A video that we do not get tired of viewing. Thank you very much Olalon - Olalife!

  • His contact came to us on the recommendation of Elena Gavaldà, the photographer of our wedding and a very good friend. And Olalon didn't disappoint us! His response was magnificent, maximum flexibility, requests, changes, design, etc. Dani was the videographer and his great human quality, his sympathy, sincerity, good humor and kindness helped us to calm the nerves in the wedding day.

  • I'm immensely happy! Thank you for the photography session, to be extremely nice and give us a unique afternoon. I'm sure that you'll arrive as far as you want.

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